Month: February 2015

Family anatomy

Delayed flight. They won’t know when to butcher the fatted cow. In a world of I-told-you-so’s, Connie has exclusivity. A Master’s Degree in I Know Best. Should have taken the 10:10 flight out of Dulles instead of swimming downstream to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta. Half a day out of the way, the long way around, a conscious avoidance of the collision.

Papa’s been dead for years now, and Mom is fading like a….

And then a long, extended pause. “You fill in the blanks, David. Double mastectomy, how do you think she’s fading? Like a goddamn summer sunset? You figure it out. You’re the smart one. Papa said you’d end up with your face sniffing the gutter, but you outsmarted him by thirty years. She’s asking for you. Isn’t that enough?”

Dear Connie: fuck off. I’m coming. If I have to drive dozen hours to avoid your spider eyes, then live with it. I’m coming.

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The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Zachary Paul Chopchinski

The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Zachary Paul Chopchinski

Kate M. Colby

Thank you to everyone who has joined us on this blog tour! For our last interview, let me present Zachary Paul Chopchinski, whose first novel will, appropriately, be available next month!

Zachary Paul Chopchinski

zachI am 26 years old and live in Maine with my lovely wife, Layla, our two dogs and two cats. I currently work as the director of security at a local college. Working in a field like security, despite the fact that often I was a manager and in charge of sensitive situations, I found myself with plenty of time to dream up stories. Working primarily nights exacerbated this, since I was often left in solidarity to my own devices. This alone time allowed for me to create other lives, worlds, and times. Often, this led to fervid writings penned as I arrived home after long nights, my day supposedly ending, yet merely at its start…

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Ordinary Handsome: October

Excerpt from Ordinary Handsome. Available at


Just another half mile or so. It was hot, so damned hot for late October, but he knew he always felt the heat more unsettling here than anywhere else.

It took him a good fifteen minutes to come upon the second spot.

His face was wet with sweat and tears when he arrived. His heart ached more every time he came here. Even though he was an old man now, he knew this place aged him more than simple calendar time. He figured that he was jarred so quickly between the past and present, it probably double-timed his age.

The man knelt one last time and began digging small pockets of dirt from the ground, the final chrysanthemums to offer.

The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Cheryle Baker

The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Cheryle Baker

Kate M. Colby

Cheryle Baker

Hello, I am Cheryle Baker.  I use C.Lightwalker for my virtual escapades thus the name of my Blog “Lightwalkers Blog”.

Cheryle Bill Hill Springs 2011I may not qualify for this tour.  I am not a published writer, in fact I recently enrolled in WordPress Blogging U 101, as a way to discipline myself to write on a regular basis, be accountable to doing the writing and to have some sort of structure.   I write sporadically, mostly for myself.  My main focus has been on poetry.  I attended courses Intermediate, Advanced and Form Poetry taught by Micheline Maylor at Alexandra’s Writers Society Centre in Calgary a number of years ago.

What is the first piece you remember writing (from childhood or young adulthood)?

When my great grandfather passed way, I received the phone call. I about 15 at the time.  My Mother and Father were out, probably at a Friday night dinner.  My…

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Ordinary Handsome: Ornaments

Excerpt from Ordinary Handsome. Available at


How do you define a life in a handful of sentences?

Yours began when you saw the empty lot that was your childhood home. There were still chars of wood, not much bigger than lumps of gravel, and the earth had a darker hue than the rest of the street, like it was rubbed with charcoal. There were a couple of park benches placed awkwardly in front, but no one deigned to sit there. They were ornaments, something to fill the gap.
The ground had been raked and re-sodded but not much grew. A few potted plants and a wrought iron planter adorned the center, but the flowers were dead and the planter was rusted. It was just a hole.