18 thoughts on “Emerge

  1. This is beautiful. I don’t think we’ll see these this year because there is just too much snow on the ground. So when they come up, you have to take tons of pics? Okay? Okay! 🙂

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      1. It really is. We need to get the snow off our roof before we get another warmish day. When you say you’re getting ice, does it rain ice? That sounds horrible.


  2. Yep. And ice fog. Tomorrow might be ice with a little honey Jack. 😉
    Ugg, the snow can’t just melt naturally, it has to do it all at once. Again, *stupid snow*.


  3. Ice fog? What the heck? Never heard of that. I haven’t even opened my new bottle…this weekend! Or maybe tomorrow after I sit under the soccer bubble for 2 hours…hopefully they got the heating working again. This winter sucks!

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    1. I never heard of it until I moved here. It when the fog freezes on the trees (and roads and powerlines). It’s really beautiful if you don’t have anywhere to go, sort of like a really heavy frost.
      I really hope it warms up for you and the snow leaves gradually. But it will leave.


      1. It does sound pretty, but yeah, not good for driving. That’s what you’re supposed to get tomorrow?

        I’m glad one of us is confident it will ever go away! Oh, looky, it’s supposed to snow all day tomorrow and end up at 3 degrees overnight. I don’t know why I ever look at the forecast.


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