14 thoughts on “transmogrify

      1. Ah, that made me laugh out loud. I needed that! Yeah, they can be scary. In elementary school we had one as a classroom pet and I used to catch butterflies to feed it. That thing was vicious when it ate them.

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      2. And they eat spiders too, don’t they? So when the spider apocalypse finally happens, be sure to store plenty of praying mantises in your basement and cupboards. Because you never know.


      3. I guess they eat any bug, they, like, bite the head and suck the guts out or something. I guess they are better than spiders but…shudder. No thank you! Do not talk about spider apocalypses! NO!


    1. Hmm, I’m trying to picture that…do they walk? and we have to eat them before they eat us? I could handle that. 😉


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