Blog vacation

Floatation device

I think it’s time to take a little break. I’ve been posting every day for over six months now, and it’s time to recharge the creative batteries.

I’ve got some writing projects in various stages of development that I want to work on. The self-promotional stuff is hard work, but if the books aren’t selling it’s time to move on. I’m a realist at heart. Onto the next thing(s).

So a couple of weeks off to get my writing back to where I want it.

But I’ll be around.

And the books are still available anytime.:)



23 thoughts on “Blog vacation

  1. Posting every day, now that is heroic. Will you try to get back to that when your return? We post twice weekly but put two things up each time.. I know some people advise you to post every day, but I wonder about that with so many people blogging. It has put me off following some people because I don’t want all these post emails flooding in all the time, and I guess I also don’t believe that someone has something to say every day that I want to spend my time on. Will be interested to see what you do next.

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