Blog the first

My one-thousandth post since October. Whew! I’m still not a great self-promoter, but I’m still writing, yep. Thanks for hanging in there with me! And the book is still there for anyone interested.

Ordinary Handsome

My first blog, my first Twitter account, my second or third Facebook account. It’s work. I admit it. I’m a man from an earlier era, a pre-facetwit time when telephones had dials and digital meant you just got a cool new wristwatch for your birthday and it glowed in the dark!

I just turned 55 yesterday and I don’t feel as old as, say, my grandparents were when they were 55. Or my parents. It’s a number. I get it. But still….

So I’m learning all this new social media stuff in earnest. Trying to figure out what goes where, what I need to cut-and-paste from one site to the other. Accidentally closing tabs I needed open.  I’m reasonably intelligent, but it gets overwhelming for a man of a certain stubbornness. It’s not that I’m resistant to change… it’s just that I wish it wouldn’t, at least not so fast.


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Farmers meeting, continued

That Henson boy, he let his daddy’s place go to hell,” said Donnie Mitchell. He was the oldest of the men, and the most likely to slip whiskey into his cup. “The only thing he has growing is his wife. And I ain’t sure he knows how to harvest her.” The other men laughed.

Did they not see us sitting in the corner? Continue reading Farmers meeting, continued

Farmers meeting

Voices in a restaurant.

It was a long drive to Handsome for a meal. The few farmers left (and not including the ones with money) gathered in the Clatchy two or three times a year to talk. The conversation was often as bitter as the coffee. Continue reading Farmers meeting