Writer’s… something

I’ve been going through a bad spell the past few weeks. I can’t call it writer’s block, because I have a couple of in-progress projects on the go. And I can’t call it stagnation, because I have clear visions of where I want to take these projects (or, rather, where I hope they take me).Β 

Everything feels forced and meh. I’m someone who is easily bored and I dislike predictability. And that’s how the writing feels. Predictable. Stagnant. Am I writing a good story or am I stitching words together to build an adequate quilt?Β At the moment, neither. It’s frustrating. And this is neither a pity party nor am I fishing for compliments. I know I can write, and when it’s there, I can feel it. But I’m not feeling it. There is passion in my thoughts, but not on the page.

I know it will come back, it always has before. And I am my own worst critic, and that critic is telling me I should take up macrame.

Meantime, I’ll keep looking for that zone. For that… something.


31 thoughts on “Writer’s… something

      1. I’ve been blocked too lately in moving forward in my novels. I hope it’s a productive day for you.


  1. I know how you feel. I am in the same position, multiple story lines started and suddenly nothing on any of them, just stagnation. The oldest is 6+ months sitting and gathering dust. 😦

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      1. A dog, who is also an expert at macrame, is too busy talking on his cellphone and watching a car accident out the window he doesn’t see the masked men enter the back of his owner’s yarn store he’s supposed to be guarding…

        To be continued. πŸ˜‰

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