Guest Author, D. Wallace Peach – Big Hearts and Artists

Let me introduce a wonderful writer and friend. D. Wallace Peach is an author well worth discovering, if you haven’t already. Her encouragement has been tremendous, and her writing is as smooth as a glass of fine wine. And she’s one heck of a story teller.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I am very happy to welcome D. Wallace Peach, author of Myths of the MirrorThe Bone Wall and many other books,  as my guest today. Diana is a creator and shaper of worlds… a writer of fantasy. Her latest book, The Sorcerors’ Garden, explores the links and shifting boundaries between the levels of reality and how the stories unfolding in less tangible realms intertwine. Today, however, she writes from of  a more personal perspective…

Big Hearts and Artists

book photoI’ve heard through the rumor-mill that somewhere in the wide world there are writers who attempt to sabotage the work of others with snarky reviews, solely for the purpose of laying low the “competition.” If they exist, I imagine them sitting in dark caves, ruminating over their coveted creations like Gollum over his precious gold ring, too myopic to envision a world with thousands of well-told stories brimming with…

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13 thoughts on “Guest Author, D. Wallace Peach – Big Hearts and Artists”

      1. You are welcome! You were one of the first people to welcome me and comment when I started my blog, and I have enjoyed our online relationship. I became interested, and I read Myths in the Mirror as a result. I look forward to your latest release, which sounds quite intriguing!

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