Let me do everything

Let me do everything, I said as a boy. Let me play in the grass, explore the bugs, roll mud between my fingers, float naked in the pool, cry for my dinner, watch TV all night, and sleep as late as I want.

Let me do everything, I said as a teenager. Let me smoke weed, drink till I puke, eat crap at fast food joints, get hard looking through Playboy, watch R-rated movies, drive a fast car, drop out of school, hang out at the pool hall.

Let me do everything, I said as a young man. Let me find a job that’s worthy of my talents, drink wine with my lunch, buy a new suit whenever I want, drive a Mustang, buy expensive toys, go out with as many women as I want, live the good life.

Let me do everything, I said to her. Let me wash your hair, lay out your clothes, do the laundry, whatever you need. Let me lay down beside you and comfort you, and whisper the silly songs you enjoy. Let me hold you until you are no more. Let me do everything, because there’s nothing else to want.


8 thoughts on “Let me do everything

  1. D. Wallace Peach September 6, 2015 / 3:18 am

    Lovely, Steven. Your writing is often so dark and this is so poignant and heart-rending. What a depth of love.

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