Put on a happy face

Happy faces

It’s amazing what you can find for sale at a gas station. Some much needed color for a gloomy Saturday.


8 thoughts on “Put on a happy face

  1. Sabiscuit October 10, 2015 / 10:04 pm

    Very nice find! I wish I could find a pit full of that. I’d just mosh right into that mix. These are delicate and fluffy. x

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    • Steven Baird October 10, 2015 / 10:40 pm

      It was a nice find. I love mums, and they were so healthy and colorful. My wife bought 3 huge plants just because. We almost spent more on the flowers than we did on gas. But we both love color. 🙂

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      • Sabiscuit October 11, 2015 / 12:20 am

        That is a fantastic choice. Flowers bring so much positive energy to a living space. x

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      • Steven Baird October 11, 2015 / 1:24 am

        I can never say no to flowers. They came along at the right time. 🙂

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