First draft


Writing almost all day, and the first draft of A Very Tall Summer is finally complete. Time to set it aside for a while and give it some distance before the major edit. I feel good about it.

So now what do I do?

12 thoughts on “First draft

  1. You do what you just said. You watch some sport and take your mind off it. You get some objectivity, catch your breath. Then you go back read, edit and smooth it out. You get someone to read it and take on board suggestions. Then you publish it and change the world.
    Well done!! Best wishes – Opher

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  2. That’s a phenomenal first comment to your question: ‘Now what do I do?’ The first time I came across this suggestion, I think I immediately discounted it as what NOT to do, but having done it realize it is actually sound advice. The completion of a first draft in itself is a MAJOR accomplishment, my friend. You absolutely should get out there and do something just for yourself as a reward… then share the story of it with me… I mean us!!!


    1. My natural impulse is to work on something else, something small. Maybe poetry. And read more. I have been working hard lately, and reading is probably the best tonic. But I will carrying my notebook with me, and I will share when the time is right. Thank you for the encouragement. 🙂

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