In a big room

Excerpt from A Very Tall Summer… coming soon.


“Keep looking. This is all distracting you from your job. It’s a big room, and you’ve got four walls to find it. Thinking is slowing you down.”

I’ll find it. What else do I have to do? And I’m not sure Del is coming back. He’s afraid of me.”

He likes you, is all,” said Wynn. “You’re a fresh widow. He doesn’t know when he should be pressing you.”

He said he wanted to lick my neck.”

She laughed. “That’s Del. Shock people into liking him. Or disliking him. He’s a man who wants it laid out so he doesn’t have to figure it out for himself.”

I thought about it. “Do I like him?”

I think you do, Charlotte.”

But he’s such a crude man.”

Jeremiah was a crude man. I think Del is an improvement. He’s got a fire behind his eyes every time he looks at you.”

But he’s so….”

So what?”

Why can’t I find it, Wynn? It should be here!”

Published by

Steven Baird

Writer, amateur photographer, ad compositor and chicken herder.

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