In sickness and in blah


blah and

It’s been a morose few days, with very little writing or editing accomplished. We (and by ‘we’, I mean my wife and I, not the imperial, ‘Franz, bring us our seltzer water and pour it down your trousers, as we are inadequately amused’) …

Where was I going with this?

Oh, right. We’ve both been under the weather for the past week. Not quite nausea, not quite coldy…. just a gray sense of ‘blah’. That, and Monday was our 14th wedding anniversary and we almost forgot it. We endured a celebratory but unenthusiastic leftover turkey dinner sans leftover pie, and danced the dance of Imodium to the rhythm of rain flooding the front porch. And by ‘dance’ I mean fell asleep in front of the TV. In sickness and health, right?

We are not amused. Eventually, we’ll get our groove back and laugh about this. I supposed we’re now officially an old married couple. And I think the traditional gift for the fourteen is seltzer water… the gift that keeps on giving. Won’t she be surprised.

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Steven Baird

Writer, amateur photographer, ad compositor and chicken herder.

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