Elani collected stones from the creek and placed them around the tree trunk. She discovered thin pieces of mica and she polished them with her sleeves until they glowed like cracked diamonds. They were her favorites. She also liked the smooth round stones that she shifted in her hands like marbles. She called the collection of stones her garden, and it was prettier than you’d think, with them just being stones. There was a pattern there you wouldn’t otherwise notice, of color and size and shape. Neither of the boys dare touch it because she was the only one who could see the pattern before it was there. That was the special thing about Elani: she could see things no one else could until it was right there in front of you.

6 thoughts on “Stones

  1. I can build a storage shed or an equipment barn with a plan drawn on a few sheets of lined notebook paper and a pencil. The stick by stick measurement and placement seems to make sense to me. But give me a big round log and a chain saw and ask for a soaring eagle sculpture and you’d end up with a stack of firewood. 18 inch and split, if you please. Creativity comes in so many forms and makes for a grand world.

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    1. It’s embarrassing how unhandy I am. I can do the essential small household repairs, but if I had to rely on it for a living, I’d starve. I think creativity is essential, in all its forms, and I heartily applaud anyone who can create. I agree, it does make for a grand world. 🙂

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