How Charlie Brown got his groove back

How Charlie


25 thoughts on “How Charlie Brown got his groove back

  1. I asked Google if butterflies sleep 🙂

    “When butterflies cannot keep their temperatures at activity levels, when it’s cloudy, or at night they become quiescent. This quiescence, or resting, is not equivalent to human sleep. Butterflies always have their eyes open, since they do not have eyelids and they probably do not dream. Certainly, I don’t know of anyone who has heard of a snoring butterfly! It’s probably best just to consider that they become inactive.”

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      1. I’m sorry to here it. I’m curious to ask if you use or cook with either Flaxseed oil or extra virgin Olive oil? The Flaxseed specifically.

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      2. My wife uses extra virgin olive oil, and sometimes coconut oil. I’ll ask her about the flaxseed. We’re definitely eating healthier, lots of fresh fruit veggies and poultry rather than red meat. I think this is from an old injury that never properly healed. I’m still mobile, but my not very speedy.

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      3. I mentioned the Flaxseed because I’ve read the Omega-3 oil in it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that helps with joint mobility. Best is either the oil ingested as is, or Flax seed meal. Right now I put the meal in my smoothies for the protein and fiber. It’s a great food all around with a number of other health benefits.

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      4. Thanks for the advice. I’ll be picking some up. I feel like I’ve been aching almost constantly for a couple of months now, this past month more noticeably. I try to avoid taking anything other than a couple of Advil from time to time, and then only rarely. It’s not debilitating, but it is… well, a pain.

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      5. Absolutely. I hope it helps. It should. I’m like you on the medicine. I don’t like taking anything, even aspirin. I like Chamomile tea and something called Kava Kava because both relax naturally. I’m especially receptive to Kava Kava, almost from the first time I tried it.

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