Romantic ideas

“I love her, you know.”

“Everyone loves her.”

“But, yeah. I mean really.”


“No, really.”

“She’s a nice girl. But c’mon. You’re too young. She’s too young.”

“Doesn’t mean it isn’t real, Efrim.”

“Well don’t tell her. She’ll get all upset.”


“Just because. You don’t know, David. She’s… flighty. She gets these big romantic ideas and she doesn’t know what to do with them. She cries at the end of movies. She keeps a diary and draws hearts on the cover. She thinks the Partridge Family is real. If she thought things like that were real… well, I dunno. She’d take it too serious. She’d imagine wedding cakes and sparkly placemats. She’s not old enough to know that those things aren’t ready for her yet. If she knew that you loved her, she’d think bad things could never happen. And bad things always happen, especially to kids.”

“Maybe not this time?”

“Just wait, David. Please.”

“But I love her.”

“Then you should wait. Okay? You wanna shoot off some firecrackers?”

“Hey, yeah!”

23 Replies to “Romantic ideas”

  1. Ahhh.. Diary used to be my best friend. I still have them. Reread them every now and again. A lot of head-shaking and chuckles !!! Those days.. You make me reminisce hahaaa

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  2. That sounds like advice from an older brother or sister. If firecrackers can divert him, he’s definitely too young. Really cute peace. A change in interest can come swiftly. My daughter went from an interest in “My Little Pony” to an interest in boys within a matter of weeks it seemed. I kind of hated to see the change as she was the baby. 😀 — Suzanne

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    1. It does change so quickly. And children’s attention span is so fleeting… onto the next thing and the next. And it is an older brother giving advice. As an older brother, I can say it usually goes unheeded. 🙂

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