The yellow-leafed tree

The veil between dreams

My eyes abide the blighted light
of the yellow-leafed tree.
Please set my stone here
and let us both rest.
But please stop and listen —
I know you can hear it,
the grief in my spirit,

and you see the fraying of my days,
my finite breaths
fading away.

I still lean into old memories,
away from you,
away from who
I wanted to be.

I did not expect to be loved so well.


Author: Steven Baird

Writer, amateur photographer, ad compositor and chicken herder.

19 thoughts on “The yellow-leafed tree”

  1. Hello Steven, I would like to put my post ‘The Letter of Lord Chandos’ on an academic website I contribute to ( Would you allow me to do that, exactly the same as I have done the post on my blog, including your photography (I would simply export the post as a PDF)? There would be no payment to me, nor would I be seeking any – my purpose in doing so would be to exemplify a philosophical position including the honesty, grace and sincerity I think are so lacking in not only Western philosophy but Western culture. I would obviously reference your blog. Phil


  2. Hi Steven, I have converted the post to a PDF and uploaded it to I put a link to your blog at the bottom. To see it, search there for ‘The Letter of Lord Chandos’. You may need to create a free account to see (download) it. If you have any problems doing this, let me know. I hope it gets a good response. My recent upload of ‘A Mystical Tale’ has got a good response so far, if that’s anything to go by. Best wishes as always, Phil


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