i have forgotten the names of the people
i dream about but still
hear the faraway tin-tack rain
on the hoods of those big boat chryslers
from that picked-over lot on elliot street
the drops splashing down
from plastic pennants
sliding down antennas washing
over old chrome
into cataract headlights

we followed the map
you drew on the takeout menu
to watch the churlish evening light evaporate
around the water tower in
some small town’s lower union street

i dreamed that the night peeled
white paint from each bungalow
as we (always we though there has been no you
for 46 years) drove past a row
of old men in old undershirts
drinking pabsts, their motions choreographed
like a busby berkeley musical,
conjoined by their respective stoops
tapping cigarette ashes into old peach cans
their zippo lighters communicating like fireflies

it was like mourning
someone whose name you can’t remember
in some town you never been to before

we were the last two ghosts you and i
i guess and no one was frightened or even a little worried
when we arrived if
they noticed us at all
i recognized some faces and you recognized
some others but their names were
lost to us otherwise
as we were lost to them
as another day evaporated as somewhat
of a surprise

18 Replies to “faraway”

  1. Wow. Just wow. I’m going to have to come back and read this again.
    There is so much here-such nostalgia. I don’t know how much is real or fiction but it made me think about when I went to my dad’s hometown after he died

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  2. omg that’s so funny! pleasant street totally took my words lol. i was gonna say wow! just wow! but they beat me too. but you know what, i gotta write it anyway. so “wow! just wow!!!”…such layered and beautiful sentiments in story that took me on a sweet little ride from curious to knowing. I was actually smiling by the end. steven, you did it again. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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