About the Author

Steven Baird is an author, amateur photographer, and 40-+ year newspaper compositor — 28 years in Southeast Ontario, and 13 years in North Carolina. He does not like speaking of himself in the first person. He has published three novels, several short stories, and is currently working on an ambitious fourth.

Steven is a native Canadian living in Virginia with his wife Angela, two dogs, a cat, and an incalculable number of chickens.

His novels are available from Amazon at


He can be reached at ordinaryhandsome1@gmail.com, @ordinary_m2

139 Replies to “About the Author”

  1. Steve, great to meet a fellow blogger who shares a passion for writing. Congratulations on publishing your first novel…have you got another one in the works? My second novel is going to print in a couple of weeks. It’s even more exciting the second time around!

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    1. Hi Beverley

      I’ve barely begun my next novel, though I have a few on hand that need some editing. I’m excited about publishing so I’ve been blogging in order to gain an audience. Another week, and it will be ready to go. Thanks for your well wishes!


      1. I started a blog for the same reason…to build a platform for my books. Do you plan to publish electronically as well? I am still trying to sort through all the choices out there.


    1. Thank you. My wife did the portrait and I think it’s supposed to make me look regal, draped in a velvet robe. In fact, it’s an old hoodie that probably needed washing. She’s a wonderful artist, but she was supposed to make me look like Robert Redford, not like I was wearing something Redford might wear.

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  2. I’ve been a wordsmith for a long time. I did not find my creative groove till about fours yrs ago. Now I’ve been doing collage. I will be back to read your work in my quite hrs. Thank you for your likes. When you get some time come and check me out. Thank you again

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    1. Steven I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award/nominee, I had to nominated 15 others and put you up as one now you have to do the same, you have been a huge supporter of mine so if not you…………
      As always Sheldon

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      1. Hi Steven, I think your About is excellent. I really appreciate the skill of brevity and a dry, self-deprecatory sense of humour. I’m looking forward to following your blog. All the best. Phil

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  3. steven baird has in fact written about himself in third person…which is confusing since he doesn’t like it πŸ˜‰


  4. Steven,
    I just love your portrait. Please give my regards to your wife on her talent. She did capture the laughter in your eyes.
    Your writing flows so easily. It is a pleasure to read. Your first novel intrigues me, I am looking forward to reading it.
    I am also in love with your photography. What you do with flowers amazes me. The way they dance. You are a talent all around.
    I have enjoyed following you. Virginia is a beautiful state.
    Best Regards, CC


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