Chainsaws and vapor

I was hoping to release A Very Tall Summer sooner than later, but it still needs work.

Spent most of the weekend editing, but some bolts still need to be tightened. I’m not a fast writer, except when I am, and it always shows. Superfluous phrasing, awkward sentence structure, plot inconsistencies. So now it’s time for the ruthless editor. Time for garden shears and possibly a chainsaw.

I’ve never written what is basically a one-N1407P51003H copycharacter novel (or novella in this case), and it has been challenge. I love the character of Charlotte, and I love how she grows,  from a meek housewife into someone formidable and self-reliant.

That’s why I do it. Not for book sales (but hey, if you please), but for myself. To challenge the restlessness of my nature, to put the vapor in a bottle. I don’t know where ideas come from, but I grab them and run like hell. Sometimes they work, and sometimes…. most times… they don’t. This one did. And so more work. I’m doing it for Charlotte, but I’m mostly doing it for me. And, of course, for anyone who wants to share in her story.

I think it’s gonna be good. 🙂

The death of ole Charlie

His head slams into the side of the door frame, and he finally falls down on the ground, face first. He twitches a couple more times, tries to reach back and take the knife out o’ his neck, but he can’t reach it and he don’t have no more strength. Continue reading The death of ole Charlie