A Very Tall new cover


I thought I was finished with the cover for A Very Tall Summer, but I’m easily bored, and so changed it. It’s has a simpler and cleaner look, and I like it.

One more read-through, and the book should be finished, insomuch as they’re ever finished. Sometimes it’s hard to let go.

Original cover

Okay, I’ve been a bit wishy-washy about the cover art for Ordinary Handsome. I wanted something bolder, more flashy. In other words, whoring myself to entice readers.

But, upon further reflection, I’ve decided to stick with the original. It’s more in line with the theme of the novel. It has that haunted quality that’s at the heart of the book.

I’d like to thank everyone for their comments and opinions. I did take their suggestions to heart and appreciate their honesty. Hey, the book ain’t flashy. But I think it’s good. So thank you for helping me to remember that. 🙂