A place for departing saints

I watched the widowed mother pause on the steps of Matilde of the Sacred Heart, a sight in black and white posed in a black polyester dress, maneuvering cautiously down cracked white concrete, and I studied her   studying my children across the street in the catholic park, riding their bicycles and hiding behind summer […]

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Ordinary Handsome, et al.

Published works, synopses, and reviews. Thank you. Ordinary Handsome Fifty-seven years ago, a young man named Euart Monroe came back home. Only two people knew what happened to him. Years later, the man responsible for Euart’s fate is paid a visit. But is it Euart’s ghost? Or is it the boy grown up seeking retribution? […]

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Copper pots

She stirs the big copper pot, bubbling onions and carrots and sliced red potatoes, salted and peppered, frothing like ocean foam, and the steam rises, a thin blur of vapor smears the kitchen window, aromas of home. Seeds and spilled spices on the countertop, overhead fan whirling its muscular rhythm, bubbling yellow broth, the tap-tap-tap […]

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Wake up

Wake up, It’s time to be invisible. Watered-down hand sanitizer in the men’s room Laughter from a joke you’re not in on Coca-Cola cans from the vending machine past expiration date.

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Approaching a stranger

There’s always a lull between my writing projects. It’s not intentional. Everything I write tends to be a long-term relationship and I’m always reluctant to move on. Maybe not reluctant so much as stuck. I go back and forth between reviving old projects and seeking out something fresh. I’ve written a lot of stuff over […]

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Building a synopsis

One of my least favorite things about completing a project is writing the synopsis. I can tolerate the editing, the countless re-writes, the sacrificial offerings of sentences (or paragraphs, or even entire chapters) to the writing gods. But boiling all that hard work down to a single easy-to-digest cup of wholesome goodness? It’s hard work. When […]

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