By nightfall

She knows / settled into her land she knows / the land will settle onto her she knows / she is wholly unafraid she lost her Silas twenty- seven years come September they stood through blighted mornings / stooped beneath gritty eaves / toed over ice bubbled gravel / laid hands upon evening’s shimmered lantern […]

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Brewers Mills 1971

There we were,  burying a goddamn horse all the clouds smashing against a depthless sky we waited in strained attentiveness for the sound of a moon to howl back at us  we knew this was the distance we were from kings

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we sleep above the roots our legs knotted our hands folded beneath us listening for the weeds to rinse from our ears all the twitches of the road we have seen all there is, you say, and we will eat what first must be blessed — old hamburger meat and flour tortillas from torn plastic […]

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Ruby, my dear

(Inspired by Ruby, My Dear by Thelonious Monk) She has forgotten the beats of her lightness the circadian rhythm of rest of motion of rest each passing morning presses into her belly and each passing day cinches around her hips and each passing night brails across her breasts and each passing year reaches a suffocating […]

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The Great twenty-one

Gina, in one of our last bewildered days, stood beside me at arm’s length inside the bone-cracked shack we shared. We watched that day finish in a purl of pretty mauve. We heard the timpani come from the open-windowed kitchens of steam-plaited spoons upon handed-down soup bowls and we waited for Mister Constantine’s late-day aria […]

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A slow catena of ghosts

Oh, Maria, this road: It has taken me to places I never want to see again, shown me a hundred fevered fields bearing fruit through rough clay skin. It is an untidy tapestry of blunted hearts bound by the same heavy weave, a slow catena of ghosts singing what they can remember in the words […]

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A slight confession of sins

lower-case he and me Late Thursday breakfast, at last I confessed myself  to a poorly-dressed but well-bearded priest.  This priest (I did not catch his name, so I will call him   Father, or perhaps lower-case he),  was a sleepy-eyed fool behind his drugstore specs,  and he did not recall the extent of my sins […]

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Dimitri and me

Dimitri and me we lived by the sea we saw a horizon hard and infinite  a great ruthless sea conversationally intimate a sea so calm yet god so deliberate we saw and we drank our darkest wines and we watched the deepest ships unwind ahead of us far beyond us far between us for a […]

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