Romantic ideas

“I love her, you know.” “Everyone loves her.” “But, yeah. I mean really.” “Well…..” “No, really.” “She’s a nice girl. But c’mon. You’re too young. She’s too young.” “Doesn’t mean it isn’t real, Efrim.” “Well don’t tell her. She’ll get all upset.” “Why?” “Just because. You don’t know, David. She’s… flighty. She gets these bigContinue reading “Romantic ideas”

Faith in innocence

Things changed. Big changes, the kind that could challenge their faith. There was ignorance in childhood, but also innocence. It was their shield. Even cruelties abided by faith. You could be struck, but it did not break you. You could cry, but it would not ruin you. You could be bullied, but it did not stopContinue reading “Faith in innocence”


Elani was the most gifted of us, but it was hard to watch her subtract herself from happiness. She was the good girl, the kind girl, the quiet girl who leaned into the shade of a river birch while others swung from ropes and imprinted the water with their thrashing bodies. She was not destinedContinue reading “Elani”