A Very Tall Summer

It was a very tall summer in 1957, and I’ll tell you why… And so begins the most terrible summer for Charlotte Windover. She and husband Jeremiah began a new life together surrounded by a wide expanse of a corn and sky. After years of brutal disappointment, she finally resolves to change her life. WhenContinue reading “A Very Tall Summer”

Transparent blue

There was a loud crack of thunder nearby. It was very loud. I looked to the sky, and it was transparent blue; if you could see beyond it, you could see all the stars. I turned to Jeremiah, and he was falling to the ground, his belly red and wet. It wasn’t thunder at all,Continue reading “Transparent blue”

Limited time only!

For a limited time only, Ordinary Handsome is free if you purchase A Very Tall Summer. That’s two Handsome books for the price of one! Tell them what they’ve won, Johnny! “That’s right, for a limited time, Ordinary Handsome is free if you purchase A Very Tall Summer. Both have shiny covers and words inside! AndContinue reading “Limited time only!”


I wanted to tell you what that first kiss tasted like, but didn’t, because then you’d know it wasn’t you. Your kisses were always affectionate, but awkward. You never knew what to do with your mouth, or where your tongue should or shouldn’t go. I should have told you to trust your mouth, let yourContinue reading “Kisses”

Dull company

Did he even see me? There were weeks when he was the only person I saw. Hard winters, we’d be together, isolated with only each others dull company. And the more I think upon it, the more I believe Jeremiah was ashamed of how he looked, and could not confront his pug face every morning. ThoseContinue reading “Dull company”