November 1, 1975

Note: In a recent conversation with a friend, I told her that I still had most of my writing stored away, back to when I was 15-years-old. I was pretty damned intense for┬ásomeone that age. I dug around and found my very first journal. I’ve kept this old journal — a compilation of poetry and […]

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Cowboy confidence

Yesterday I created a series of spec ads for a Horseshoer. He has no website, no Facebook page, no Twitter account.┬áHis motto is: “I may not be the best, but I’m better than most.” I like that. Confidence without swagger.

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It all makes sense after you’ve seen your first dead body. The frailty and fluidity of flesh. The fragrance of rot. I saw how the parsed anatomy clambered away from the organs, spread out like a softly boiled onion, and knew that would be me one day. I watched as the big bottle flies landed […]

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I used to be shy

And still am. Even at 55, shyness is a part of who I am. It’s not a deficiency, it’s not due to a lack of affection. It’s just me. I’ve never been a social animal, and my most contented moments are being at home with my wife and various pets and livestock. My shyness, when […]

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RIP October

October was such a strange month for me. Many changes and much stress. I was “promoted” at my job (and promotion is very much up to interpretation)… more work, more responsibilities, more co-ordination between departments. More pay? We’ll see). It required me to be in LaGrange, Georgia for three days for training, and there’s nothing […]

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