A good man

I used to be a good man. There are memories, strong, of sitting on the porch with Marcie. We drank sweet tea from jelly jars. The porch was cluttered with flower pots and lawn chairs and Marcie’s rainbow of flipflops. I rested my hand on her thigh and we watched the alfalfa fields shift in […]

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Copper pots

She stirs the big copper pot, bubbling onions and carrots and sliced red potatoes, salted and peppered, frothing like ocean foam, and the steam rises, a thin blur of vapor smears the kitchen window, aromas of home. Seeds and spilled spices on the countertop, overhead fan whirling its muscular rhythm, bubbling yellow broth, the tap-tap-tap […]

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On its way

With the so-called “Snowpocalpyse” on its way, we’re making preparations. Living in a somewhat isolated area, there’s a good chance we won’t see civilization for a few days, so we’re ready. Pizza and a movie tonight, tuck in under some blankets, and watch the world turn into a blank page for the next couple of […]

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She held onto her past like a Velcro strip, determined coherence, it’s all in the rip. Pull it apart an inch at a time, a wonder to look at but not worth your mind.

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First kiss

Do you remember that first kiss, all bubble gum and Orange Crush, unsure of where our lips should touch? Was it raining, were we rushed? Were my lips soggy, were my teeth brushed? Do you remember all that much, after so many kisses after that first rush.

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Run for the sun

We run for the sun and its narrow-hipped glow, a slow pursuit to regain our youth, the cold in our bones grows livelier but we chase ourselves, renew ourselves and bruise ourselves in that abundant attempt; no, don’t forget who we were, we keep running just for the movement, just for the moment, and we haven’t […]

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Attention Amazon shoppers

For a limited time, Ordinary Handsome is on sale for 99 cents. That’s right, shoppers, for a limited time only, an amazing and unbelievable 99 cents! But wait, there’s more! (There’s not really more.) What do I need to do, you ask? Follow the link! You too can say you bought something today on Amazon! […]

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