But seriously (or not)

I’m a serious writer. I watch, I listen, I write. I take it all seriously because I love it. So sometimes it comes as a surprise to people that I have a sense of humor. It’s not all about marching words to the edge of a cliff. The very first thing I wrote was a humour […]

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In the village of Woodbriar, North Dakota, Calvin Dobson was considered a minor celebrity. People would gather on the sidewalk in front of his house with their Polaroid cameras and smart phones, snapping shots of his snowmen. Cars would slow down and often stop in the middle of the road, and the passengers would stare […]

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Some days…

… the words aren’t ready to harvest. But you know they’re in the field, still growing, deeply entrenched in the soil. Everyone have a safe and warm weekend!

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Reminiscing in Tempo

. My first wife preferred the company of gentlemen of color, with wholesome, shiny white teeth and big hoop earrings. They wore soft-soled Oxford shoes and spoke of jazz with reverent intimacy. They would know of someone who knew someone else who once sat in on a session with Stan Getz or Bud Powell. Those […]

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Those two fellas

Hank and Pal sat on the porch, watching the sun climb down. Another hot one, a haze so thick a man could carve it up and serve it with a biscuit. Neither man spoke much. They knew each other well enough to dispense with the unnecessary.  Hank pulled out his pocket knife and started carving […]

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That moment of clarity

She stood in the corner, alone. Her eyes were searching the crowd of the gymnasium, hesitant, restless. Her hair flowed down the back of her dress like rushing currents, shimmering. There was something about her that Rick couldn’t resist. The floor was filled with young couples, dancing, tentatively touching, whispering secrets that would be washed […]

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Hit the rewind button….

It’s not like me to forget to title a photo…. entitle a photo….embiggen a photo?  Previous post was/is “We All Shine On”. I was so focused on getting the lyrics right that I skipped right over it. To quote another great famous person: “D’oh!” I’m going to blame it on the meds… an abscessed tooth, a […]

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Career advice

When Mark was a boy, his mother asked him, “What do you want to be when you grow up, son?” Mark cleared his throat, took her by the hand, and said, “I want to be an astronomer. I want to learn about the moon and the planets and the sun, and how they co-exist in […]

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New category – One shots

Beginning tonight or tomorrow (depending on how things go… I have a helluva toothache at the moment), I’ll be starting a new category called “One Shots”. They will be vignettes of everyday occurrences, people, situations, or observations. I didn’t expect the response I got from yesterday’s “Imagination, or lack thereof.” It was a one time […]

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Imagination, or lack thereof

He lacked the imagination to know he had none. He was content with his 401(k), his moderately successful job, the cornucopia of televised sports on the weekends (both professional and college) , and his Kia Optima Hybrid. He recycled, paid his taxes on time, drank beer in moderation, and collected X-Men memorabilia as an investment. He tipped well, […]

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