Your sweet fragrant allure,
your smile follows me whichever way I turn.
Often blinded by the mindless wanderings,
you’d think I’d learn,
yet you stand in wait to
cash in on our fate
regardless of
the inevitable burn and
the pause between breaths is so long
I rush to face you and to taste you
but when I reach you, you’d be gone.

When we were young


When we were young
we fought the good fight all right
Disregarded the consequences
Committed ourselves to invincibility,
no brake pedals, just a full tank of gas,
the right to kick ass,
the rumbling hunger in our hearts
and then

caught in the traffic
the heartburn and heartache
tempered ambition
adjusted the mirror so the
wrinkles wouldn’t show
and the dullness in our eyes could
be thought of as wisdom, our vision selective,
our ambitions not quite perfect