Handsome review

A wonderful review from my friend D. Wallace Peach at Myths of the Mirror. She has been a constant champion of my work, and I am so grateful. Please check out her site… she’s an amazing writer and I think you’ll be mesmerized not only by her work but by the depth of her imagination. HerContinue reading “Handsome review”

Simply Extraordinary – Misfortune and Strife in Steven Baird’s Ordinary Handsome

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I first read Ordinary Handsome a little more than a year ago. Admittedly, I felt quite overwhelmed upon finishing the book, giving it a second, third, and fourth read. Not only did the book leave me breathing deeply, scouting for the aroma of old black tea, the imprisoning honesty…

Guest Author, D. Wallace Peach – Big Hearts and Artists

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I am very happy to welcome D. Wallace Peach, author of Myths of the Mirror,  The Bone Wall and many other books,  as my guest today. Diana is a creator and shaper of worlds… a writer of fantasy. Her latest book, The Sorcerors’ Garden, explores the links…

Musings – Thanks to Steinbeck. He’s fucking good.

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Time doesn’t exist. Thoughts do. In Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath I’m reminded of my opinion of Time. Walk in my mental hallway a moment. Below is an excerpt from The Grapes of Wrath published in 1939. “For a moment she hesitated uncertainly. “Well,” she said quickly, “why ain’t you prayin”? You’re a preacher, ain’t…

The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Kate M. Colby

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Up second in The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour is the tour’s co-hostess, yours truly! Kate M. Colby I am a writer of multi-genre fiction (because I could never limit myself to one genre) and creative nonfiction, as well as a writing craft blogger. My most reputable writing street…

The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Kate Evans

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Hello, everyone! We’re kicking off our blog tour with the mastermind behind the idea, the lovely Kate Evans! Enjoy her interview, and be sure to check out her blog (link below!). Kate Evans I am a writer of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, currently living in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. My…