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A wonderful review from my friend D. Wallace Peach at Myths of the Mirror. She has been a constant champion of my work, and I am so grateful. Please check out her site… she’s an amazing writer and I think you’ll be mesmerized not only by her work but by the depth of her imagination. Her review is here.

Simply Extraordinary – Misfortune and Strife in Steven Baird’s Ordinary Handsome

An amazing review for Ordinary Handsome from crumpledpapercranes.com. She’s an extraordinary author and I’ve been privileged to read and enjoy her work for quite some time. I’m humbled and thrilled by this unexpected review.

Ordinary Handsome is available here.

Crumpled Paper Cranes

ordinaryhandsomeiiI first read Ordinary Handsome a little more than a year ago. Admittedly, I felt quite overwhelmed upon finishing the book, giving it a second, third, and fourth read. Not only did the book leave me breathing deeply, scouting for the aroma of old black tea, the imprisoning honesty of spilled liquor, salty dried blood staining dusty fabric, and the freshness of limes that serve disturbingly more than just a culinary purpose. Steven Baird’s novel demanded my full attention, and even though I was absolutely absorbed each time I read it in five hours’ time, I didn’t quite know what to make of it. His writing is exquisite, the subject matter is temporally relevant, and there are characters to both pity and loathe. Ordinary Handsome, in its grit and precision, tells of extraordinary misfortune and strife.

Baird illustrates the backdrop poetically. As we walk through the streets of…

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Another Ordinary Handsome review


Another strong review for Ordinary Handsome. For those interested, the link is below. (However, I do wish the reviewer spelled my first name correctly. I blame Stephen King and his popularity. It would help greatly if he spelled his name with a V).


Cronic: First review

“This is a wild ride, both extremely nostalgic and timeless in tone. The author’s use of color, both figurative and literal, is expressive, vivid, unique. This book is like having a dream that swims between the technicolor Oz and pure, screaming terror. Another amazing read by a breakout author. 5 stars” – Felicity Johns

5.0 Stars for Ordinary Handsome

Another great review for Ordinary Handsome!
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent and unique book deserves a look! January 18, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Ordinary Handsome is a unique and captivating book. It’s a fairly quick read because you will not want to put it down and when you get to the end, you might just want to read it all over again. It kept me engaged all the way until the surprise ending and made me want to search back through for clues that I had missed. There are so many details in this book and the storytelling is like nothing I had ever read–I devoured each page and then thought about it long after I’d put it down. Excellent, raw, gritty, and compelling. Five stars.

Ordinary Handsome: A review

Today I received a totally unsolicited review of Ordinary Handsome, and needless to say, it made my day!



Literally JUST finished your book and man, I have to process and put things together. I have never read anything like it. Maybe because it’s not the genre I normally read, but I suspect because it’s just such a unique look at the lives of these men and how they intersect within this one dying town. But, I mean, damn! I did not see (omitted by author) – it wasn’t even on my radar and it’s funny because you’ve posted excerpts and even when I got to a passage I had read in an excerpt, I wasn’t like “oh yeah, I’ve read that,” it was like, “ooh! THAT’s what this is about!” Even after the excerpts, I still had no real idea of the storyline and I think that’s pretty awesome. I need someone else to read this book because I want to discuss it! 🙂 It’s one of those books that makes you think–and for a long time after you’ve read it, too. In fact, I might re-read it because I know I’ve missed stuff. It’s like a twisty movie (like The Usual Suspects) that you have to go back and re-watch and go “Oooh!” Anyway, enough rambling…sorry. I just really liked it and it feels fresh and new even though the story is so gritty and raw. Thanks for sending it to me. Is it alright if I let my husband read it so I can talk his ear off about it?
Thanks again!
A writer could not possibly ask for anything better than that. I’m truly grateful to victoryintrouble (check out her blog at http://victoryintrouble.wordpress.com… you’ll be glad you did!)

Book Review: Ordinary Handsome

My very first review for Ordinary Handsome. And I’m thrilled to say the least. Many, many thanks to Camila at bbnest.wordpress.com for her review and for taking the time to read it. If you haven’t visited her blog, I’d recommend you do so now. She was one of my favorite bloggers even before her review.

Blackbird's Nest

Oh boy, this is not what I wanted my first book review to be like. Not that I plan on saying anything bad about it at all, but it’s always a bit different when you know for sure the author will be reading, isn’t it? ^^”

This review was requested by the author on his blog. While I am taking requests for reviews such as this (should anyone for some crazy reason want my opinion on their work), on this case I went up  there and volunteered. I had read excerpts on Steven’s blog and I had read the sample available at amazon for this book and I really, really, wanted to read more, so I can say I profited from this endeavor only for the fact that I got the full book on pdf.

It is not an expensive book (only $2.84!), but I have issue with Amazon due…

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