Buffalo Mountain

buffalo mtn

I finally made it up our “driveway” today. I put that word in quotations because it’s really a wide drift of snow about two feet deep. And I did cheat by walking along the adjacent cabbage field. That was boot-deep and exhausting. Took the dog, a shovel, and the camera.

The sky is one of the most brilliant shades of blue I’ve ever seen, and the snow a blazing white. I noticed Buffalo Mountain in the distance, how postcard-perfect it looked, and snapped away. I actually got a couple of decent shots in spite of being snowblind. I was going to take some shots of the “driveway” but really there’s nothing to see but a wide white swath.

I managed to shovel a path from the top of the driveway to the road, so we do have access to civilization (re: my job tomorrow, or an emergency beer run). The storm is over, but we might not see the driveway for awhile. Maybe spring will make an early appearance? In spite of the recent storm, it doesn’t hurt to hope.


Day 2

The snow has returned after a brief lull, and now the wind is kicking in to remind us that it ain’t over yet.It’s difficult to measure how much accumulation because of the drifting, but I’d estimate 12 inches.  I’ll brave a walk up the driveway later this morning to see if any plows have made it up here yet. Hopefully the car will still be there….

Day 2