I remember when dust was more beautiful than substance, something uncatchable, something whisked into cat corners. This was home. This was being a child.  There is a box of in-season lettuce on the sidewalk beside the glass doors of Karl’s Barber Shop. Ladybugs — many — are sitting on the cardboard folds. Do they sit […]

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The hive

The streets were never lush, let’s get that out of the way. But there were wide leafy canopies in the summer. There was the slanginess of pavement, the jangle of noise. There were twilight games of kick-the-can, there were men in khaki shorts who camped in canvas lawn chairs, talking baseball and air conditioners they […]

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Lawn care

 This little guy showed up in the backyard this evening. Curious, and a little bold. Time to mow the lawn? Nah… too hot.

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Dark gold

Brilliant golden sunrise in the east, dark clouds in the west, a striking morning sky casts long and deep shadows. (Photo unretouched)

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