Blog Stop Tour: The Necromancer’s Daughter 

Fantasy writers are especially unique in that they imagine worlds — regalities and cultures and creatures — that never were, and then go ahead and build them, imbuing them with their own lively visions, and then spiking them with a bit of awfulness that we all recognize. Dragons? I’m not so sure they don’t exist. In the imagination of D. Wallace Peach, of course they do. And so do necromancers, but it’s a costly gift.

A healer and dabbler in the dark arts of life and death, Barus is as gnarled as an ancient tree. Forgotten in the chaos of the dying queen’s chamber, he spirits away her stillborn infant, and in a hovel at the meadow’s edge, he breathes life into the wisp of a child. He names her Aster for the lea’s white flowers. Raised as his daughter, she learns to heal death.

Then the day arrives when the widowed king, his own life nearing its end, defies the Red Order’s warning. He summons the necromancer’s daughter, his only heir, and for his boldness, he falls to an assassin’s blade.

While Barus hides from the Order’s soldiers, Aster leads their masters beyond the wall into the Forest of Silvern Cats, a land of dragons and barbarian tribes. She seeks her mother’s people, the powerful rulers of Blackrock, uncertain whether she will find sanctuary or face a gallows’ noose.

Unprepared for a world rife with danger, a world divided by those who practice magic and those who hunt them, she must choose whether to trust the one man offering her aid, the one man most likely to betray her—her enemy’s son.

A healer with the talent to unravel death, a child reborn, a father lusting for vengeance, and a son torn between justice, faith, and love. Caught in a chase spanning kingdoms, each must decide the nature of good and evil, the lengths they will go to survive, and what they are willing to lose.

From Chapter 5 – An excerpt

A wave of panic stilled Barus’s hand, the needs of an infant beyond his experience. The insanity of his choice forced him back a step. For a full day, he’d suffered from fatigue and fear, his mind as muddy as a spring puddle. What was he thinking? Did he believe, for a single moment, he possessed the knowledge or skill to raise a child?

He slumped onto the one chair Graeger had left intact when he’d first barged into Barus’s life. His head hung forward into his hands, and he shivered. If the land wasn’t trapped in the grip of winter, he could bury her body under the willow beside the boy. He could lower her into the ravine beside Olma’s bones so neither would rest alone. And while the thought comforted him, it made his heart ache with grinding loneliness.

Olma hadn’t abandoned him despite the tragedy of his birth. How could he choose otherwise?

If the land wasn’t trapped in the grip of winter, he could bury her body under the willow beside the boy.

He studied the baby’s exquisite face, her repose as tranquil as sleep, fingers curled, complexion and hair as white as the asters on the summer’s lea. On her deathbed, the queen had begged for her child’s life. He possessed the power to see her will done, and in the depths of his heart, he couldn’t deny her … or the infant. Or himself. Despite his fear, he’d fallen in love.

Meet the Author

A long-time reader, best-selling author D. Wallace Peach started writing later in life when years of working in business surrendered to a full-time indulgence in the imaginative world of books. She was instantly hooked.

In addition to fantasy books, Peach’s publishing career includes participation in various anthologies featuring short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. She’s an avid supporter of the arts in her local community, organizing and publishing annual anthologies of Oregon prose, poetry, and photography.

Peach lives in a log cabin amongst the tall evergreens and emerald moss of Oregon’s rainforest with her husband, two owls, a horde of bats, and the occasional family of coyotes.


One of my favorite excerpts: “A cold bone-moon sailed across the treetops. Silvergreen leaves glimmered between the towering evergreens like fairy lanterns. For several hours, she walked beside him, and they resorted to quiet conversation. With dawn a long way off, they settled beneath a tent of bowed branches and huddled together for warmth. Aster sighed and fell asleep with renewed hope.” This is simply lovely.

Diana’s writing brings a certain elegance to all her characters, who feel lived-in and fully-realized — particularly Barus, whose kindness and simple humanity lifts this tale high. Diane’s descriptive prowess is enchanting as always, and “The Necromancer’s Daughter” is as magical and rewarding a read as you would expect from this gifted author.

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110 responses to “Blog Stop Tour: The Necromancer’s Daughter ”

  1. What a lovely post. Thank you for hosting me today, Steven, and for your wonderful comments on the book and my writing. You know what a fan I am of your writing, which makes this visit extra special. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to spending the day with you. Huge hugs ❤

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  2. Hello! I’m here because Diana sent me! So glad to meet you, and she really gave you a wonderful introduction. Your blog will be a nice addition to my world, so I will follow you. Wonderful blog post for Diana’s Necromancer’s Daughter. It’s a fabulous book and I fell in love with the characters. She also said you write characters with depth! 😃

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Love this layout. I have to try the gradient headings.

    I’ve said a whole lot about how much I love this book, but I’ll add one more thought. I read a quote about the passing of an amazing speaker/writer at some point in the past. The line I remember is “talent on loan from God”. This too is Diana.

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  4. I want to try those gradient headings too, Jacquie. They’re much nicer than the solid blocks. 🙂 And thanks for stopping by Steven’s this morning. I hope his blog and book get a lot of attention. Of course, your comment humbles me – a super generous thing to say. Happy Writing, my friend. ❤ ❤

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  5. Another fabulous stop on your tour, Diana. The scene you shared here is such a poignant moment for Barus. My heart broke for him. I highly recommend this book. It’s a great read. Thank you, Steven, for hosting today!

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  6. I’m nearly done with the book and I agree with your review of this book as well as your comments regarding the skill and beauty of the amazing D. Wallace Peach’s writing.
    Here are a couple snippets of character/relationship moments I found especially well-drawn. CH. 21: “Like cold ash from a hearth, she swept him from her mind and focused on her…” CH. 38: “…exhausted, vulnerable. His head ached, and a fever stewed in his veins. Part of him regretted his cold-hearted honesty…”

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  7. What a delight to get a sneak preview of your book and meet you Steven on Diana’s site although I do believe we have crossed paths.

    I love the mutual respect you have for each other and love what Diana said about you here “He’s one of the authors I try to emulate. I drool a little over his lush imagery and the exquisite emotional depth of his work. His glimpses into character are breathtaking.”

    I can see by your lovely review of Diana’s book. You did it justice and truly highlighted her talent as well. ❣️❣️🙌🏽
    Nice review❣️❣️

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